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M/s AGGARSAIN SPINNERS LIMITED is a Public Limited Company .The Company started its operation in the year 1994. The Company was set up cotton yarn manufacturing “open end plant” at Panipat, Haryana in the year 1994 and started its manufacturing and trading of cotton yarn and fabrics. In the year 2009, The Company closed its Manufacturing division and completely engaged in trading of cotton yarn and cotton fabrics in Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. The Company Is growing very fast and Mr. Ramesh Kumar and Mr. Rajinder Kumar Garg, Mr. Sunny Garg and Mr. Ajay Garg are the core promoters of the Company.

The Company is currently mainly engaged in trading of cotton yarns and fabrics. Cotton yarn consist of Hank and cone yarn of low counts and reel yarn of high counts. Low counts cotton yarn is mainly used in manufacturing of fabrics, made ups, etc and High count yarn is mainly used in High quality of kneeted fabrics, Garments etc.

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